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Forms and Calculations

Table Banking Forms

Joyful Women has designed a number of forms to facilitate smooth table banking operations. These include:

Group Attendance FormSchedule of how Economic Empowerment Officers will attend groups in a month/week.
Member Registration FormCaptures data on group attendance, next of kin, livelihood activity, etc.
Monthly Performance FormCaptures data on loans, savings, welfare, and fines as at a particular month.
Simplified Secretary’s FormCaptures data in the monthly performance form but is simplified for the group secretary to use with ease.
Long Term Loan FormUsed by a group member when applying for a loan,
Short Term Loan FormUsed by a group member when applying for a short term loan
Bank Summary FormCaptures date on the transactions of money sent to the Organization as per the receipts submitted by an EEO.
Short Term Loan: Group Loan Application FormUsed by the group when applying for external funding

The forms should be arranged from the back of the file, as follows:

  • Group registration certificate;
  • Individual member registration forms;
  • Individual LTL form;
  • Group STL form;
  • Monthly performance form for the month;
  • Monthly performance form for the next month with carry forward loans and savings updates from the previous month.

Key Calculations

The following are some of the calculations that an officer must be familiar with:

  • Total Revolving Fund [TRF]

TRF = Sum of {Savings + STL +LTL + External Funding}

  • Accumulated Profit [AP]

AP = TRF – [Total Savings + Boosters + External funds]

  • Net Profit [NP]

NP = AP – {Boosters/2}

  • 2% Bonus

This is an amount of money added to one’s shares. It is calculated quarterly, at 2% of the total short-term loan that one has advanced within these three months.

  • Boosters

Amount Due =Total individual member’s boosters contribution X 150/100

Computation of Dividends

  • Find average shares of an individual by taking the alternate six months’ savings then divide by six to get the average;
  • Sum downwards to get total average shares’
  • Calculate the TRFs on the back page. To find TRF [LTL balance + STL+ STL in default + banking];
  • Find gross profit by deducting Boosters + Interest on Boosters + any externally sourced funds;
  • Derive the net profit from G.P by deducting total shares of members as at November;
  • N.P x the given percentage to get profit to share out;
  • Profit to share out divide by total average shares x 100 to get the rate;
  • Use the rate above to determine the amount of dividends of each member by multiplying with the average share of each member.