How To Join

Thank you for your interest in joining Joyful Women Organization.

For you to be a member you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be in a group of at least 10 members to a maximum 20 members. 70% of the members have to be women.
  • The group must be willing to be registered by any relevant government department.
  • The members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Members must be actively involved in income generating activities or have a strong desire to learn and engage one.
  • Pay a registration fee of Kshs. 200/-.

At Joyful Women, we facilitate economic empowerment through the table banking model. Through this model, a group meets once a month and members save money, take loans from the contributions made and make repayments for loans taken.

 The minimum amount one can make in their monthly contributions is Kshs. 200/-.

A member can access short term and/or long term loans. Short term loans are available up to two times a member’s savings while long term loans are available up to three times a member’s savings. Short term loans attract an interest of 10% while long term
loans attract an interest of 12% p.a on a reducing balance.

Kindly contact 0710826959 for more information.

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