Promoting Women Economic Empowerment in Kenya and beyond

Joyful Women is a non-profit Organization that was founded in 2009 out of compassion for the woman that is excluded from the financial sector but who has a desire and a need to access credit and financing.

The organization was formed out of a passion by the Patron and Founder, H.E Rachel Ruto to see women meet their basic needs and fulfil their potential.

Our Mandate is to promote Women Economic Empowerment in Kenya and beyond through financial inclusion, collective agency, voice and influence. 

Why The Woman

Women still face challenges in accessing finance due to socio-cultural constraints that have led to: Lower levels of education and financial literacy Lack of tangible assets thus lack of collateral Time and mobility constraints Lack of market exposure Lack of basic personal documents e.g. Tax registration.

Our flagship project has been providing financial resources to women to engage in livelihood projects through table banking.

This continues to be one of its core strategic interventions as it also strengthens response to other key issues such as supporting access to markets for products from the livelihood projects, enhancing growth of women’s small-scale businesses into large scale investments and finally strengthening identification and incubation of diverse livelihood projects.

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