What we do

What we do.

What is Table-banking?

Table-banking is a group based funding strategy in which members save and borrow immediately during their meeting times. On a given date of the month, members meet, place their savings and other contributions such as insurance, educational savings, fines and penalties on the table and borrow immediately either as short term or long term loans.

Advantages of Table-Banking

  • All the money belongs to the group.
  • Member’s savings are not taken away but instead used for loaning.
  • Ability to mobilize savings among the poor.
  • Interest earned remains with the group.
  • Bonus every quarter.
  • Dividends every year.
  • Education booster
  • Agriculture booster
  • Banking at the convenience of your homes / Table


Capacity Building.

Joywo aims at developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of the community it serves. This is directed towards the communities ability to adapt and thrive in the fast changing world. This is done through periodical training that our members are exposed to. Some of the training include:

  • Public procurement
  • Modern agriculture.
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship skills
  • Table banking.

Livlihood Projects.

The Livelihood projects are income generating activities that our members can invest in so as to improve their living standards . Joywo encourages her members to invest in such projects. Some of the projects include:

  • Animal husbandry
    • Poultry farming
  • Horticulture
    • White sorghum
    • Passion fruit farming
  • Modern farming
    • Open drip irrigation
    • Greenhouse farming