We are now working closely with development partners in order to achieve our goal of socio- economic empowerment.

  • Women Enterprise Fund has assisted us with funds to lend to women at a low interest rate.
  • Techno Serve international has given training on the agronomical aspect of the growth of passion fruits to our members and also does market linkages.
  • Eliminate Poverty Now  has sponsored an ongoing project on providing training to our members on practices of modern Agriculture
  • National Hospital Insurance Fund provides an affordable health insurance to our members.
  • National Social Security Fund enables our members to have a secure retirement package.
  • Association of the physically disabled of Kenya (APDK) helps donate wheel chairs and other beneficial items to our members or their children with physical disability since these services hardly reach the rural poor.
  • National Aids Control Council (NACC) facilitates HIV and AIDS counseling and testing to our members and their families to enable them live positively.