Some of the key achievements of JOYWO include:

  1. JOYWO was started in the year 2009 and it has grown its presence from 1 county to all 47 counties in Kenya.
  2. The membership has also grown to over 200,000 members in 12,343 groups who are currently revolving over Kshs. 2.7 Billion.
  3. JOYWO has successfully created job opportunities for young people as program officers, county managers and regional managers.
  4. More than 4,000 women have been trained on public procurement and as a result of the trainings, more than 700 companies have been registered from this training. Some of the companies registered have successfully won tenders.
  5. Women who only had access to a monthly income on 20USD can now enjoy an income of over 2000USD through engaging in various income-generating initiatives.
  6. Through JOYWO’s capacity building programs, women have been empowered with information on modern farming techniques, latest information & technology products and entrepreneurial skills.
  7. Women who were once dependent on their husbands for entirely everything are now in a position to support their families. They are able to provide food for their families and even pay for their children’s school fees.
  8. The family unit is now experiencing a stronger bond since women who were viewed as liabilities are now part of the source of income for the family.
  9. There is increased food security in the region since we have successfully trained the women on the use of modern farming methods and given them access to cheap and available credit through Table banking.
  10. Through our development partners, we have been successful in diversifying agricultural production. Women are now doing horticulture, green house farming, passion fruit and chili, together with the normal maize, wheat and dairy production.