Martha, Meru County

Martha, Meru County

I grew up in Meru County and I was brought up in a family where our parents were caring and valued education but did not education to girls was not appreciated since they thought once a girl is educated will be superior to the husband because of her profession. After completing my a level education I got married but because it was my wish to continue with education I went back to college to pursue early childhood course. I developed a passion with my line of profession and I started encouraging more women who had lost hope and most of them are teachers today. I have started an ECDE School at my area where I am the Managing Director. My dreams for the future are to reach more people to have their life transformation and have independent women in the society. I have used the short term loans that I borrow from our table banking scheme to buy feeds for chickens so as to boost my poultry project that I have started in 1/3rd acre of land.This enabled me to borrow more funds than before and am repaying without much strain because of high income that am getting from the project that I have.right now I have 30 chicken and will buy more chicks to replace the old ones to keep the production level high.  .

Nalamae, Narok County

I was born in Narok county specifically in Masaai Mara. I was brought up in the same place. I was not fortunate enough to go to school because my dad did not believe in girl child education. My parents were not so poor since we just enough to eat and nothing to save or store. At the age of 15, I was married off to an old man since that was the tradition of our fathers then. I was the fourth wife and the marriage life was not that smooth since I was young and I was dependent. My husband had a big herd of cattle and a big piece of land but we could go hungry some days. When I got my first child, I learnt I should do something so that my baby does not go hungry. I had no money to start a business and I could not be allowed to go to markets to sell or do business in case I had money. Women were supposed to be at home. My husband passed on when I had two children and life became extremely difficult for me and my children and I was forced to be weeding peoples gardens so that I could sustain my children. I had always desired to have my own business but I had no money. I have always dreamt of owning dairy cows and a vegetable stall. I heard about JoYwo last year and I joined a group and at first it was very challenging to even raise my monthly savings but I was convinced that this was the way to go. With the first short term loan I borrowed, I started a small business and I could sell ‘sukuma’ in my locality. The business really grew and with the long term loan I acquired, I diversified and now I’m selling, vegetables, potatoes and milk.

Rosilina, Bungoma County

I grew up in Mt Elgon before I moved to Kamukywa in the year 1989.Life in Kamukywa was tricky because I was leaving in a rental house with my family of five members. My husband was casual worker whom we all relied to provide for us. After some few years in Kamukuywa,I joined a merry go round whereby we could contribute some money and give to our members in turns. Last year as we were in church a teacher from Joywo requested our pastor to give her some few minutes to address us. All our members who were there were very interested and from the word go we registered us members of joywo and started table banking. This was the beginning of good things in my life and also for my family because I could access short and long term loans without having any security. Currently I have opened a kiosk and I am planning to expand it to a wholesale. My husband also assists me raise more money for savings so that I can have the ability to borrow more money.

My first short term loan was two thousand which I bought ten liters of paraffin us my first stock. The profit I generated helped me increase my stock and that was the beginning of my kiosk. I also continued saving more money which gave me the ability to borrow a long term loan of 30,000.  I took some of this money and bought a dairy cow while the remaining I added to my capital. I am planning that in the next one year I must be owning my own plot in kamukuywa center.


Joywo aims at developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of the community it serves. This is directed towards the communities ability to adapt and thrive in the fast changing world. This is done through periodical training that our members are exposed to. Some of the training include:

  • Public procurement
  • Modern agriculture.
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship skills
  • Table banking.