Capacity Building.

Capacity Building.

Joywo aims at developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of the community it serves. This is directed towards the communities ability to adapt and thrive in the fast changing world. This is done through periodical training that our members are exposed to. Some of the training include:

  • Public procurement
  • Modern agriculture.
  • Business/ Entrepreneurship skills
  • Table banking.

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geoffreyPosted on6:09 am - Mar 11, 2018

hello ave seen a page somewhere on Facebook that you offer loans from 5000-30000 but first you pay 350 shillings is this true

stella jepkorirPosted on7:48 am - Mar 14, 2018

what percentage did you calculate these years dividends?

Eunice MunyiPosted on8:38 am - Sep 4, 2018

AM in buru buru and would like to join joys no is 0722605698.

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