Teresa, UG County

Teresa, UG County

I am a mother of five and live at Weighbridge, in Turbo Constituency of Uasin-Gishu County. I used to run small kioski in the same room that she lived with her family. My stock was very low as the family depended solely on that business.

In the year 2009, I heard about JOYWO and its programme of table-banking and attended their meetings. I was advised to mobilize women to form a group. Our 15-member women group started doing table-banking and got their first loan. I got the first loan of Kshs 15,000 and injected it into myr kiosk business. The business grew with time and next time I got additional loan, added some savings and bought a posho mill. I later diversified by business and invested in maize buying and selling. I was able to make enough money to build a rental house of six rooms all of which have been occupied by the tenants. Now, I look forward to a long term loan of Kshs 300,000 to buy another plot of land and put up other rental houses. I have already identified the plot.

JOYWO has improved my life immensely. My children are all in private schools and I can comfortably pay for their fees. Long Live JOYWO.

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lydia chemtaiPosted on3:29 pm - Feb 20, 2018

so much impressed with your activities

Esther njeruPosted on4:30 pm - Mar 22, 2018

Hello send 330ksh to joywo and have not received a text from them

Doreen Nekesa OumaPosted on8:57 am - Oct 1, 2018

Good morning,
do you lend money to individuals

Lydia samoeiPosted on3:50 pm - Oct 6, 2018

Hi am Lydia samoei from Timboroa we have so many groups but we don’t have joywo how should istat teaching them pliz need ua help

KIPTOO KIPKOSGEIPosted on8:13 pm - Oct 13, 2018


my wife applied for long term loan on 24 apr 2018 upto today he has not received despite having 67k in deposits.
what is going on?i feel like there is chezo hapa or is also a scum?

ziwa branch UG.

RachelPosted on4:17 pm - Dec 11, 2018

Wow! This is such an inspiring story from Teresa. Joywo has enabled her to grow her business and take good care of her family.
I also run a small business and am in Nairobi, how can I join?

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