Sharon, Baringo County

Sharon, Baringo County

I grew up in Kimalel village where it was hard to find food as it’s a semi-desert area but one day we heard about the concept of table banking being undertaken by JOYWO we invited JOYWO teacher to come and train us, eventually we joined JOYWO table banking whereby have managed to begin buying using my short term loan  as young as 8 months old goats at less than a thousand and rearing them at home since rearing them is so easy in that you just graze them at nearby forest my key agenda is to ensure that come December during Baringo County Annual Goat Auction we will sell them as a group and indeed get some income from the business am  expecting in the near future we will engage in transporting the goats to this bigger towns to sell at higher price hence increase our profit margin.

For my short term loan I used to buy goats and rear them at home to sell them come December and for long term loan I used pay fees for my children who are currently in form one and three, which could have been very hard to pay, credit to JOYWO table banking.

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