Charity, Nyeri County

Charity, Nyeri County

I was born and grew up in Nyeri county, Othaya constituency karima ward. My early life was a total struggle since i was born before independence when the country was fighting for its own independence. We were many in our family and therefore getting all the basic need like clothing, food and education was not easy. I am in dairy farming and also I have a tea farm. Being a daily farmer value addition on daily products is important to maximize profit. I started packing yoghurt at my home and distributing to hotels ,kiosks around and even homes

My dream is to be financial independent lady after at old age and encourage more women to venture in farming and form groups where they can share ideas and finances. Also to have modern equipments for packing milk and transportation means. We were trained on table banking and we appreciated then idea and we started table banking four months ago. Many women have being doing table banking even myself in the county for many years but we lack clear vision why we are doing it and lack of good records and clear documentation.

I have been borrowing short term loans only since the group is young and we do not have a lot of money on the table to give long term loans. I use the money to supplement what I have in buying food for my dairy animals and the rest help in packing and distributing yoghurt.

My hope and prayer is for the group to grow and be an example to other groups on how individuals can come together and finance their own projects.

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