Capacity Building

Capacity building has been one of the activities used as a tool to empower our members on issues related to group dynamics, entrepreneurship, business skills, record keeping and many other areas relevant to our area of operation. With the help of our development partners, we have been successful in diversifying agricultural production and entrepreneurship skills. Women now own companies, doing horticulture, green house farming, passion fruit and chili, together with the normal maize, wheat and dairy production.

With the help of our partners JoyWo has carried out the following trainings:


This is a programme that was sponsored by Eliminate poverty Now (EPN) and HIVOS. This programme was aimed at equipping JoyWo members on the best practices in Modern agriculture so as to increase their level of income.

During this training JoyWo members were taught the following:

  1. Animal Husbandry
  2. Dairy farming.
  3. Poultry farming.
  4. Bee keeping.
  5. Rabbit Farming.
  6. Horticulture.
  7. White sorghum
  8. Passion fruit farming
  9. Modern Farming
  10. Open drip irrigation
  11. Greenhouse farming

From this programme the following has so far been achieved:

  1. Members are engaging in Agribusinesses.
  2. Health living is by consuming a well balanced diet.
  3. Improved agricultural practices.
  4. Improved saving culture through proceeds obtained by selling surplus agribusiness products.


This is a programme that was sponsored by UN Women and GIZ. The aim was to train more than 700 women on public procurement. As a result of this programme many women who are members of JoyWo formed and registered companies and business names. 30 companies already registered from this training. 5 companies have successfully won the tenders. Before the end of 2014 more than 2000 women will be trained on public procurement.
During the public procurement training the following topics were covered:

  1. Public procurement legal framework.
  2. Public procurement opportunities in a devolved government.
  3. Bidding for contracts: Do’s and Don’ts
  4. Eligibility requirement for doing business with government.
  5. Understanding standard tender documents.
  6. Strengthening women owned SMEs Access to finance: Opportunities and challenges.
  7. Evaluation of bids and contract award.
  8. Contract review and implementation.
  9. Integrity issues in public procurement and how to deal with them.
  10. Complaints mechanism.
  11. Women access to finance opportunities.

Achievements realizedfrom the above trainings:

From Public procurement training the following companies were registered by JOYWO members

  1. Jalema LTD Co.
  2. Daisies LTD Co.
  3. Floruma Enterprises Ltd Co.
  4. Elma Ltd Co.
  5. Blesses Three Ltd Co.
  6. MagMag Ltd Co.
  7. Joywo Ltd Co.
  8. Uniwan enterprises Ltd Co.
  9. Bersrich Co. Ltd
  10. Keiser Enterprises Ltd

Some of the companies that have won tenders are

  1. Elma Ltd Co.
  2. Bersrich Co. Ltd
  3. Uniwan Enterprises Ltd Co.
  4. Keiser Enterprises Ltd