The main successes are as follows:-

  1. JOYWO was started in the year 2009 and it has grown over the years from one county to forty five counties.
  2. The membership of JOYWO has also grown to over 182,542 members in over 12,343 groups who are currently revolving Kshs. 2.4 billion.
  3. JOYWO has successfully created job opportunities for young people as Program Officers and County Managers.
  4. We have more than 3000 women trained on public procurement and as a result of our training, more than 500 companies registered from this training. Of these companies, more than 50 have successfully won tenders and transformed lives, enhanced partnerships and have set the ball rolling for our nation-wide business skills training.
  5. Women now have access to dividends and in January 2015, JOYWO raised up to 1.5 Million USD which was shared amongst the women.
  6. Women that had a monthly income of 20 USD previously now enjoy up to 2000 USD a month.
  7. The livelihood programs have empowered women with information on modern agriculture, entrepreneurial skills, clean energy and affordable housing.



True Stories, from few of our Women.

I am very grateful to JoyWo for the support I hove received from it through table-banking JoyWo has given a plate from which I will be eating. I will use this tractor for my own farming activities as well as leasing to farmers in the area. This table-banking project has transformed my life for better.

Testimonial Irene
JoyWo Member & Beneficiary

JoyWo’s table banking, I have been able to buy a car and now sell a truck of maize per month. I also managed to build a stone house. At the moment, I am planning to take a loan of Ksh 500,00 to buy a plot of land & build bigger residential house. My savings allow me to take that kind of loan.

Testimonial Lydia
JoyWo Member, Rift Valley

JoyWo has improved my life immensely. My children are oh in private schools and I can comfortably pay for their fees. Long Live JoyWo.

Empowering women through information

Testimonial Teresa
JoyWo Member Turbo, Uasin-Gishu