JoyWo Executes its mandate and services through a dedicated team and a responsive membership.

H.E. Mrs. Rael Ruto

Founder and Patron

Daisy Waimiri

Advisor to the Founder and Patron

Janet Kabeberi

UN Advisor

Economic empowerment of women is something I hold very dose to my heart and if there is one thing that breaks my heart is seeing women and children suffer due to poverty. Holding the office of the Second Lady of Kenya I have the privilege to travel widely through rural Kenya. 5 years ago, these frequent visits to rural Kenya exposed me to levels of poverty that really touched my heart. I was struck by the level of heart breaking poverty I encountered. I then started thinking of ways through which I could help alleviate poverty using a sustainable model that would be managed by the women themselves. From this, Joywo organization was born with its backbone being table banking where the women save money in groups, meet weekly to borrow from each other in order to start sustainable businesses.

From The Founder and Patron, H.E Rael Ruto